Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trying to Conceive: A month-by-month guide.

Month 1: We're SO going to be that couple that gets pregnant the first month trying.

Month 2: Ah, practice makes perfect! BDing is so much fun!

Month 3: Hmmm...Maybe ED instead of EOD? That'll work for sure.

Month 4: Damn it. I'm going to have so much sex it's CRAZY! I'm getting pregnant this month.

Month 5: Fuck.

Month 6: I still have 6 months before I need to worry. No big deal at all.

Month 7: Fuck.

Month 8: Start Charting!

Month 9: Understand charting, will totally get pregnant now!

Month 10: Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck.

Month 11: *browses covered RE's in the insurance provider book*

Month 12: Head explodes, Ovaries still intact. No visible injuries to the penis. Good to go. Also, can't get an appointment at the RE for 3 months and must maintain a good attitude.

Month 13 - Infinity: FUCK!


Bev said...

OMG I so LOVE this entry. So true!

Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I feel!

Anonymous said...

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